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Much of the immigrants like the scheme but the purpose of the design was not achieved (to reduce the number of Irish immigrants entering the United States , because the Irish found it cheaper to go to Canada , and then later on buy cheaper tickets to the United States from Canada

Paper Topic: Immigration Name Instructor ‘s Name Title Date Immigration in the United States of America A ) Compare and contrast the Irish , Germans , and Scandinavians during the Century of Immigration

Germany was constantly attacked by other nations and people were forced out of their businesses and due to economic reasons they found it cheaper to travel to another country and put up their last money there for business rather than stay and get killed in Germany

The population escalated and Catholics were persecuted by Protestants , as well as political turmoil – the Irish men and women had no choice but to escape the harrowing condition in Ireland and migrate to the United States

The development of new transportation inventions such as the steam boat and steam train made it easier for these Germans to escape Germany and go to Great Britain and the United States In the U

Better yet , most of them embark on a walking odyssey in entering the United States Migrating to the US was hard for the Irishmen for they did not have the resources or capitals to start a business or put up a farm

As time went by and these Irishmen had enough money to send for their relatives from Ireland to go to America , their numbers escalated and they were able to form their own communities and construction gangs

By 1840 , Irish ymigry constituted nearly half of all the immigrants entering the United States

Various policies were made to deflect their entry such as reducing fares to Canada so that they would be tempted to go to Canada instead of America

Largely depending on their manual skills rather than their intellect , however , after working for a long time in the construction business , their positions were elevated and they became the boss and managers while the common laborer position was occupied by the second wave of migrants coming from Eastern Europe The Germans fled from their country due to violent conditions around the year 1700

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