Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Bookreview

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Paper Topic: Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Bookreview _Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Harriet Jacob ‘s Incidents in the life of a Slave Girl was written in 1861 and contains her experience as a slave

122 ) this was cited in the book by Jacobs during the first slave ho is muttering nervously to herself when she was sold to a Georgian slave trader and the next one is when the woman opt to jump into the river and end her life rather than suffer from the degradation and torture of a whipping house The slave holders are also viewed as monster who treats their slaves like animals or objects

The author argues that the sufferings of women are greater than that of men and that there ca be no good slave masters and their morality is destroyed as slave holders The impact of slavery on women is greater than of men because it degrades their sexuality being abused by people and having no sense of self

The definition of slave and woman redefined Linda ‘s role where she can live her grandmother ‘s credo and put into practice the thought he that is willing to be a slave , let him be a slave ‘ You can always do something form you to have a good future and femininity is not an excuse for you to silently allow all kinds of slavery

Bruce where Linda gain her comfort zone and where she was being nurtured and taken care of Life of a slave girl is indeed a fascinating book where readers could picture out the slavery world and what to do to avoid such degradation of one ‘s individuality

It also deprives their human rights and legal protections The author also considers that such sufferings of women makes here do decisions like : when , unhappy as she is with her condition in the garret , she is thankful for her “wretched hiding-place ” after she sees the condition of her fellow slaves (Jacobs , 1861 ,p

Jacobs also used positive images on the book to provide feminine strength that can also be read in the book

The slavery system distorts emotional instinct like in the case of encountering financial problems and sacrificing your children in place of money

Empowering women for them to gain freedom and respect


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