indicate a person who has had a significant influnce on you, and describe that influence

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While Kubla Khan , a romantic poem , and Sense and Sensibility , a Victorian novel , both talk about beauty , nature , and love , Sailing to Byzantium talks about the reality of aging and death

Sailing to Byzantium , on the other hand expresses sad emotions of anguish and loneliness , however in the end , leans more toward the positive side as the old man speaking in the poem accepts loss and wishes to live on in eternity instead Kubla Khan talks about the beauty of nature , concentrating on the visual attributes and characteristics creation

It is realistic in its warning the people of what society might expect in the years to come with some governments around the world beginning to accept communism and political leaders who deceive the people to stay in power

The novel 1948 uncovers the reality of the nature of man and politics expressing that there are people who will abuse their authority to control society for their own well-being

Sense and Sensibility is about the interplay of love and reason and in the end creating a balance between the two Modernist literatures , using 1948 and Sailing to Byzantium as examples is a type of literature that deals with what is real and existing

As cruel as it may seem , the poem expresses the cycle of life : It begins at birth , it continues in living life , and it ends with death

However , the end of the poem tries to deal with death in a positive manner

Sailing to Byzantium on the other hand , discusses old age and death

Paper Topic: indicate a person who has had a significant influnce on you, and describe that influence The novel also probes deeper into the brutality of achieve the objectives of the political party

The old man in the poem accepts that eventually , he

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