Injection of Reflection

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Paper Topic: Injection of Reflection Capital Punishment 1 Running Head : Capital Punishment The Necessity of Capital Punishment Author ‘s Name University / College Professor Course Subject Date Capital Punishment 2 The Necessity of Capital Punishment The debate on the enforcement of the death penalty has never really acquired a full acceptance into the morality of people even in this country filled with various beliefs and moral standards

But whatever method is employed , killing a man is not humane in any kind of way Capital Punishment 3 The article has mentioned that since the period of Enlightenment there had been calls for different methods in which people advocate for the prevention of pain infliction on any man

However , errors are a part of us being humans and we must always leave a certain margin to accommodate them People who support capital punishment argue that there are numerous reasons that must be considered , making the death penalty a more attractive alternative

It would be a crime to send a person to the green mile if it was simply a matter of mistaken identity or other forms of errors committed by officials and witnesses According to the article Injection of Reflection ‘ there is a continuous decline of cases that impose the death penalty

Another is that when a person commits a crime against another , he must suffer a fate that would equate his victim ‘s or even worse People must contemplate on the moral dilemma implicated by passing the death sentence

Perhaps those with deep anger due to the pain that crimes against them or their love ones do not see the fact that justice is not served when the wrong person is convicted

The fact is that a person ‘s life is curtailed and a human being passes judgment on another human being

It is difficult to imagine the scenario reported in the article that a man vomited in the sight of the slow death of a prisoner killed in a gas chamber Furthermore , circumstances such as sparks from the electrocuted man ‘s head are quite inconceivable

This number is proposed to be minimized by the use of the death penalty

Many have used hanging , firing squad , gas chambers , electrocution and more that only proved to give convicts a painful death

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