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A decrease in air intake temperature provides a denser intake charge to the engine and allows you to run more boost on a given octane of fuel before detonation occurs which consequently increases your engine ‘s ability to make more horsepower and torque (Wikipedia , 2007a An intercooler will do two things – it will lower the temperature of the intake air and at the same time , cause a slight drop in boost pressure The latter comes from the restriction to flow caused by the intercooler Some restriction is unavoidable because the flow through an efficient intercooler core needs to be turbulent if a lot of the air is to come in contact with the heat exchanger surfaces

It is an air-to-air or air-to-liquid heat exchange device used only on turbocharged and supercharged internal combustion engines to improve their volumetric efficiency by increasing intake air charge density through isochoric cooling

An intercooler works just lie a radiator – air is cooled by fins , bars , louvres , and plates inside the intercooler that are cooler than the compressed air coming from the supercharger

Its popularity and high demand require that we spend some time knowing about intercoolers : the technology behind it , its advantages and disadvantages , types , etc An intercooler is a heat exchanger which cools the compressed air feeding the engines of cars equipped with a turbocompressor (Denso

Once used mainly for rally cars , the reputation of intercoolers has skyrocketed recently due to the power it gives to an engine that can only be equated to the cost of having one installed

is designed to remove heat from the compressed air coming from the supercharger (or turbo ) before it enters the engine ‘s induction system

Cars that do not come equipped with one can buy intercooler kits , such as the one in fig

Intercooler efficiency is a measurement of how effective the intercooler is at reducing the inlet air temperature

Many modern cars now use intercoolers the rest you can have it installed into one

The reduction in air temperature increases the density of the air (Superchargers

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