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To further explain the idea of labor force , the key terms would be explained below The quality of labor is broad in terms that it is hard to measure since it involve subjective aspects such as attitude , behavior and emotion Based upon the aspect stated , the core of it lies upon the knowledge and skill of the laborers

Paper Topic: International Business Running Head : INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS International Business [Name of Author] [Name of Instructor] [Affiliations] [Date] International Business For an introduction , one must learn that there is the concept of cultural relativism that they must always take note of

In international business , they want to know the capability of the company to provide such labor force to suffice the production process

The labor force is whole entity responsible for production while the workers are the people within the labor force (Heskett , 2006

The labor force comes into play when the word production is tackled

At first , the mission and vision of the company must be stated to show how sincere the company is regardless of how large or small the company is

Without a good labor quality , no investor will avail for such low quality labor

It can be the basis of the profitability of the company hence there are some factors being considered aside from the two Lastly , labor force mobility refers to the outward and inward movement of the employees inside the company

Labor quality is not just a major determinant of economic prosperity also it has an impact on outsourcing and migration on how it affects the public policy (Heskett , 2006

Labor quality and quantity are important because it determines the credibility of the firm

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