internet predators and how the law uses entrapment to encarcerate offenders

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The danger and potential risks that these men are committing on children has to be stopped right from the start Law enforcement and local police have set up predator crack down teams to lure and catch these sexual deviants and get them out of the suburbs and towns before they can cause any harm

Paper Topic: internet predators and how the law uses entrapment to encarcerate offenders Internet Predators Internet predators and pedophiles are a major concern of our country today

Though unethical , I believe that the methods these police use are the only ways to stop them from committing these crimes and endangering society ‘s children Child molestation cases are hidden from the public in to preserve the privacy of the victim

Sexual predators lurk the worldwide web because they can be anonymous when they are on the internet

As sick as this may sound , the reality of it is that there are a number of child predators who get together and swap child pornography through their internet connection

Defense attorneys are arguing that police unrightfully cause these men to commit crimes and that these men would have never tried to solicit these girls if it weren ‘t for the police starting the conversations

Before , sexual predators interact with the children on the playground

Today , they can do the exact same thing while the children are in the comfort of their own homes (Philaretou , 2 Child sexual exploitation can happen to anyone – regardless of their ethnic , social , economic and religious background

The police use entrapment in certain cases to convict and put away these men which some say is unethical and a violation of these men ‘s rights

The outcomes of the cases are rarely heard (Copp , 42 As much as the internet has become quite helpful in technology and interconnectedness , it has also placed the lives of our children at risk

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