Internet security 3 – EBph3DB2

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Web server checks and database security checks : The periodic checks are done to put a check on performance of the website and database usage All the relevant links and database security is checked for overall assurance Database backup : The database backup plans must be devised accordingly for keeping the records safe to protect against unforeseen disasters (Navathe , 2002 These simple tips would be helpful for the website to take care of the affordable needs for security and customer data protection so that one is able to safely carry out transactions over the internet References

Paper Topic: Internet security 3 – EBph3DB2 Running head : INTERNET SECURITY Internet Security The key techniques to the most affordable website security would be the casual features of the website for the purpose of safeguarding the website content and the transactions that are to be made for fulfilling the ecommerce objectives of the website

The code efficiency and link path requires to be checked periodically so that one is able to redesign and test the system for any malfunction SQL injection : It is another method where intruders are capable to draw information from one website using SQL languages to illegally fetch customer ‘s data for obtaining their financial information or to manipulate information for wrong use

The following can be credited to the diverse ways to secure the website and customer information for the Grandmas Treats ‘ website Web content security : It forms the greater part of the security as they are aimed at non-representation or illegal presentation of false content br that a user is not expected to see

The website must be checked periodically for such incidents and must also make sure that customer records are encrypted using 128 bit security layers at the database side

The use of Transport Layer Security (TLS ) is important and can be enabled for any website for securing the communication to the communicating clients

The use of this protocol makes sure that a secured channel is followed for communication between the client communicating clients

The customer ‘s financial information would be encrypted to hide it from easy access from hackers E-commerce transactions security : The use of SSL 3

The database security must be checked for getting sure that no such activity is evident

Using that one could scan their website for any such flaws Directory traversal attacks : The directory traversal attacks are quite common where the links are traversed to a very different path where the information flows to the hackers

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