Irregular Warfare/Future War

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Barnett , Blueprint for Action : A Future Worth Creating (New York , NY : Berkley Books , 2005 This book is a sequel to Barnett ‘s The Pentagon ‘s New Map

Barnett , The Pentagon ‘s New Map : War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century (New York , NY : Berkley Books , 2004 The Pentagon ‘s New Map ‘ is a groundbreaking bestseller of Thomas Barnett , which became one of the most talked-about books of the 2004 year

The first book dealt with the past and Blueprint for Action : A Future Worth Creating ‘ is a futuristic romp through the next 25 years

From Chapter 1 , What the World Needs Now , Blueprint for Action ‘ is an exploration of a three-tiered argument concerning system and individual struggle to understand the seam between war and peace

If the first book was compelling vision of the future , now military analyst Barnett presents his vision of the future

This book examines a new version of national security for the 21st century , makes important suggestions to the Government on actions the America should take , and theorizes what could happen in the next 50 years concerning the global landscape

The author of the book outlines the crucial role the United States needs to play in establishing international stability Thomas

So Blueprint for Action ‘ is something like a road map through a chaotic and

His favorite concept is the theory of anti-access Author states that instead of focusing on classified black project to facilitate the Leviathan ‘s lofty ambitions , the Pentagon conducts secret talks with allies on how they might better shoulder the SysAdmin ‘s many burdens (p

Barnett states : I found myself instinctively exploring the seam between war and peace , locating it first in U

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