Islam In Europe

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One must also remember the important fact that today increasingly Muslims are being associated with what is known as `Islamophobia ‘ or a fear and hatred of Islam and all that it connotes especially after the 9 /11 debacle in which hundreds and thousands of Americans were killed in a terrorist attack launched by a terrorist militant Islamic group (Maussen , Marcel In her book Muslims in Western Europe , Nielsen describes the history of early Muslims in Western Europe , and why they became so important in the country as the years went past

Today there are an estimated 10 to 15 million Muslims in Western Europe , and while some of these people may have come to the Continent from Africa and from South and Central Asia , some others have arrived from the Middle East and the Balkans It must be remembered that it was just Muslim men who migrated initially to Western Europe , but gradually over a period of time , these men steeled down in the country with their families , and today , second and third generation Muslims have come of age , and they continue to live on in their adopted country

The book also takes an in-depth look into the real causes of the immigration of Muslims into Western Europe , and their origins , the ethnic composition of these people , their organizational patterns , and so on (Nielsen , Jorgen ) In the same vein , several authors and researchers have been attempting to analyze the presence of Islam in Europe today , and to decipher the role that Islam and Muslims play in the country today

Paper Topic: Islam In Europe Your name Your Professor ‘s name Your Course Name Date Islam in Europe Today , there can be absolutely no doubt that Islam has become a part and parcel of the landscape of present day Western Europe

Studies on Muslims in Western Europe began some time during the early 1980 ‘s , and these studies were referred to as the analyses of `the new Islamic presence ‘ and the `institutionalism of Islam in western Europe

Islam is today high on the list of public agendas in western European countries and statistics reveal the fact that more than thirteen millions Muslims live in and around these areas

It is a fact that almost a large majority of these Muslims are immigrants , and one must remember the fact that whenever the of Islam and Muslims in Western Europe is raised for any sort of discussion , it is these immigrants that are being referred to

One such is the collection of essays by authors Ralph Grillo and Benjamin F Soares entitled `The New Islamic Presence in Western Europe

In this collection , an attempt is made to understand the `presence ‘ of Muslims on the continent , and their changing nature of importance in Europe , and generally in the western world

There can be no doubt that the world population is changing everyday , and more and more people wish to be known today as `multi-cultural ‘ and not as narrow minded individuals who cannot see beyond their own faith

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