Italian Renaissance vs High Renaissance

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Raphael were responsible for such paintings as Saint George and the Dragon , and The Small Cowper Madonna ( Artcyclopedia ‘ 3 In conclusion , the early Renaissance and High Renaissance only differed in two points : first , they occurred in different locations second while the early Renaissance artists created the techniques , the High Renaissance artists perfected them

He was responsible for David , the first freestanding nude figure sculpted since the Roman era (Noble 6 If the early Renaissance artists paved the way for new techniques and styles in creating arts , it was the High Renaissance artists who mastered these said techniques (Noble 7 ‘ bringing the creation of art to new heights

However , the works of Leonardo began to manifest a strong leaning toward extreme humanism , which marked the beginning of change (Noble 7 In the High Renaissance , there were three dominant artists : Leonardo da Vinci , Michaelangelo Buonarroti and Raphael

The Renaissance as an era is divided into two parts : the early Renaissance which occurred in Florence and the high Renaissance that developed in Rome

According to Noble , artists developed new techniques to give paintings a more three-dimensional , life-like quality , and commonly studied human and animal anatomy in efforts to better understand their subjects (6 These artists enjoyed the patronage of the wealthy , but they were not granted complete artistic freedom

Paper Topic: Italian Renaissance vs High Renaissance In the time of the Renaissance , the arts became the primary preoccupation of the people

Even though humanism was at its peak , the theme of the arts still leaned towards religion (Noble 6 The artists could only manifest freedom in terms of style and technique

How are they alike In the spirit of humanism that it advances , the art pieces reminiscent of the early Renaissance tried to put into canvass a very realistic depiction of the human form

The arts of the High Renaissance was still controlled by the Church

Michaelangelo , on the other hand , is famous for the artwork in the Sistine Chapel ( Artcyclopedia ‘ 2

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