John Cage

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is a difficult work , for there is so much to hear–nothing–and it is a memorable experience , for it shows a world of multiplicity , something that interests Cage far more than aspects of unity within a particular work (Pritchett , 1996 Because anything is possible in Cage ‘s compositional process , some works are highly organized , while others give an outward impression of random and unrelated ings

Paper Topic: John Cage p John Cage Your Name Instructors ‘ Name 2007 John Cage was one of the artists who moved the furthest away from “tradition ” Cage himself says that he was trying to accomplish what Ives wanted many years before : to be able to sit on the back doorstep at sundown , listening to the music

In continuing and expanding the Ivesian tradition , Cage shattered the old notions of music as organized sound consisting of melody , harmony , and rhythm (Nicholls , 2007

But there is a new kind of musical awareness , a vitality of thought and of imagination Cage has redefined the entire concept of direction in music , since he has not been particularly interested in where events are going

Melody in its most elementary sense draws attention to a single line , which is a rather primitive way of perceiving music Rhythm in which eventsoccur “in time ” is also limiting

His questioning led to new concepts of how musical elements could be freed from the restraints imposed on them by conventional thinking

Why can ‘t a rhythm do the same thing within the framework of a piece of music Cage ‘s revolutionary ideas have led to many innovations

Cage has also thought about music ‘s purpose , deciding that actually there does not have to be any intent that sounds alone can be the purpose

Cage ‘s ideas have made a generation of composers rethink concepts that were taken too much for granted or were ruled out of musical consideration by previous generations

He is usually credited with having invented “chance music ” music created under conditions that leave certain of its parts to the vagaries of the moment (Nicholls , 2007

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