Kraft Foods Inc.

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com Competitive Advantage and International Trade Kraft Foods ‘ competitive advantage is its company size per se

It serves supermarket chains wholesalers , super centers , club stores , mass merchandisers distributors , convenience stores , gasoline stations , drug stores , value stores , and several retail food outlets

Kraft Foods Inc Abstract Kraft Foods , Inc

We recorded an after-tax loss of 2 million on these divestitures primarily due to the differing tax bases of our hot cereal assets and trademarks (Anderson , Veronica “Another Bid to Put Pep Back in Kraft ‘s Step ” Crain ‘s Chicago Business , January 9 , 1995

The non-cash acquisition was financed by our presumption of 541 million of debt issued by the acquired business immediately prior to the acquisition , as well as 530 million of value for the redemption of our outstanding investment in UB , primarily deep-discount securities The redemption of outstanding investments resulted in a gain on closing of approximately 251 million or 0

The company has experienced sporadic progress and growth upon acquiring other companies to expand its horizons and business endeavor Kraft does this in to increase revenues on an annual basis

In aggregate , we received 203 million in proceeds , and recorded pre-tax gains of 20 million on these sales

Kraft is adamant about these acquisitions due to the fact that it fuels its competitive advantage engine

It thrust to collaborate with other companies further augmented its competitive advantage

Kraft Foods sells its products through distribution centers , satellite warehouses , company-operated and public cold-storage facilities , depots , and other facilities

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