Kurosawas, Stray Dog and Coppolas, Lost in Translation

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As the title somehow suggest , stray dogs ‘ which could turn later on as rabid dogs , could be representations of a man or of a desolate individual who goes or turns to doing social crimes Social awareness on Japan also increases as the movie ventures into the dark alleys and criminal or murder elements in the story

Generally Stray Dog ‘ is a good movie , especially to those who love murder or crime-solving movies and even to those socially or slightly socially aware individuals

Paper Topic: Kurosawas, Stray Dog and Coppolas, Lost in Translation Name Name of Professor Subject Date Stray Dog ‘ and Lost in Transition The movie Stray Dog ‘ is the classical masterpiece directed by Akira Kurosawa

There was a severe shortage in the supply of food , and a very high demand for it , and this lasted not just for months but for years Stray Dog , was filmed in the year 1949 which somehow relates to the time where the story itself took place

Furthermore , the setting or atmosphere in 1949 was evident in the film as justified by the presence of a lot of scenes showing cities or regions which requires rebuilding The mark or indication of bombings was present in the setting of the movie , just like Japan after the bombings in 1945

Somehow , it may tell the story of some individuals turning towards a life of crime and social evil to continue living in the post war Japan

Poverty and desolation are some of the things which can be depicted out of the movie and in a way , gives the movie watchers a little feeling of social consciousness

Aside from Japan being withered by the bombings , the harsh or horrible social conditions also depreciates or weakens the soul and morals of a man

The movie or the manhunt occurs in post war Tokyo , with a partially bombed atmosphere or scenery

This happened to Yasu , the killer or antagonist in the movie , who was once a good person

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