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Later on , the novel described the drastic effect of passing through the `warmhole that had relativistic effect by traveling at the speed of light

Paper Topic: LAP Analysis On `The Forever War` The book `The Forever War ‘ is based on the fiction written by Joe Haldeman

Later there were two sequel of the famous book , the Forever Free and Forever Peace The novel rests independently , as the finest polemic works in science fiction

The writer Joe Haldeman depicted the futility and vainness of the war , both in the terms of human resource and financial resource also

So he desperately wrote the book based on the war

The of the war was a key postulate of the book The training for the war was dangerous , interstellar travel was dangerous , and fighting the Taurans was even more dangerous after every encounter

The hero , in fact had to face the effect also as staged in the future due to the traveling by the speed of the light in space The time dilation for the soldiers in the war was another drastic feature

It is based on the war between the humanity and the alien Tauran species

He never wanted to go to war , but the leaders on Earth have drawn a line in the interstellar sand — despite the fact that their ferocious alien enemy Taurans are unknowable , unconquerable , and very far away So the officials think that the Mandella will perform his duties without animosity and even will climb up through the military ‘s ranks , if he survives

He was a hero , a hesitant enrolled drafted into a best UN military unit assembled for a war against the Taurans

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