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In case he chooses to resign before his term is over , he provides his successor The speaker ‘s powers are limited in the house , he does not have the authority to maintain power or he cannot participate in debates Acts of parliament : – Legislations that are passed by the parliament are in form of acts of parliaments

Details that have been taken into account while assessing the draft constitution treaty include Parliaments and sessions : – The UK parliament opens upon being summoned br by the sovereign and closes when dissolved by the same

Qualifications of candidates are similar to those of voters Speaker ship and procedure : – The house is headed by a speaker deputy speakers include first and second deputy chairman

Paper Topic: law Running Head : UK Constitution Name University Course Tutor Date The United Kingdom ‘s constitution has a couple of characteristics however , there are the major characteristics that affect the country ‘s legal system to a larger extent

However , the UK constitutional practice allows government to be dissolved after 5 years unless otherwise

His speech is written by Ministers who determine the year ‘s agenda House of Commons : – It is composed of the members of parliament who are over 650

However , people accused of electoral malpractice insane persons , prisoners and members of the House of Lords are not allowed to vote

A session takes roughly one year though the first session tends to be longer than normal

Candidates victory is based on the plurality of votes Voters can be as diversified as any member of common wealth countries aged 18 and above and a resident of UK or even any British citizen who has lived overseas for over 20 years

This is crucial unless in special cases like during World War II when the MPs in power by then were allowed 10 years more in power

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