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An implied contract may be in the form wherein the conditions involve that both parties have arrived at an agreement even if both parties did not show an outright expression of agree of the conditions of the contract3 One case may involve the consultation by a patient for the services of a doctor and the patient agrees to pay for the expected services that he will receive from the doctor

In the field of business , when the 1Stuart [2007] 2Cameron and Ealey [2007] proposal is accepted , this event is often called a meeting of the minds which involves the expression of both parties to approve the conditions and requirements of the agreement from which a contract will be drawn It is not required that an offer and acceptance have to be stated by mouth or by documentation

Should the patient resist paying the doctor after the consultation , this condition will be a breach of contract because he was required to pay but decided not to pay after the services were rendered4 As far as the Skin Flint Film Company is concerned , they should pay the three parties that they created deals with

The first feature in creating a contract is offer and acceptance , which involves the proposal of one party for a certain bargain and the second party either agrees and accepts the proposal or not

A contract can thus be considered as a law of obligation wherein the parties are required to follow the terms of agreement indicated in the agreement In to create a contract , there are a number of major features that have to be considered

Paper Topic: law CONTRACT LAW A contract pertains to a legal agreement that is characterized by an exchange of promises between two parties1

In case the specified details of the agreement are not fulfilled , this condition is known as a breach of contract2

There are other contracts that are made by mouth and these involve purchasing smaller items such as a book from a local bookshop or a cup of coffee from the local bakeshop

It is also possible to use an implied contract wherein details of the agreement are not conveyed through the use of words

There are many contracts that are created on a regular basis

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