Le Corbusier, the Modernist

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Thus , the international style is anchored towards machines , or that structural spaces are machines where one can live in ( International Style One of the pillars of the international movement was Le Corbusier , the Swedish Architect who eventually made a name for himself while in Paris He was a tireless artisan , through pamphlets , manifestos , magazines books and even exhibitions he was able to project the merits of the movement not only in Europe but the America ‘s as well Part of his (Le Corbusier ) design innovation is the structure is raised on stilts to make it appear light and floating free flowing plan , so dwellers will have the freedom to rearrange the spaces according to their needs make the walls independent of the structure – thus curtain walls were developed provide horizontal bands of windows to keep the light in and most of all top the structure with a roof garden to bring the natural environment to the structure (Rybczynski The resulting structure is a study of steel columns and beams , a skeleton devoid of any decorative ornament

This is a form of rebellion on the established architectural norms at the time and to basically express in style that is the development of concrete , steel and glass , it became the barometer by which succeeding styles evolved ( History The International Style of Architecture The international style is characterized by three basic principles the marked influence of volume rather than mass balance rather than applied symmetry and the structure both in the fazade and interior spaces

All contributed to designs of sinuous curves and decorations creating an atmosphere of brilliant exuberance ( Neoclassic However at the start of the 20th century a new movement was born – the international style of modern architecture

Paper Topic: Le Corbusier, the Modernist Full Name Instructor ‘s Name Course Date Submitted Le Corbusier , the modernist Introduction Architecture as a medium started during the Egyptian era , then the Greek and Roman Period followed , after which the development seemed just to have died down

The elevator shafts are now exposed and part of the design retinue ( International The Villa Savoye The most important building that expressed the tenets of the international style is the Villa Savoye , near the suburbs in Paris

This building is memorable since it was designed by one of the movers of the style – Le Corbusier

No further design was evident but only reinvention of the three distinct styles from Byzantines to gothic , renaissance to baroque , neo-classicism to art nouveau and art deco

It projects an architecture that is harsh and brutal in appearance , but with the application of ground to ceiling plate glass windows it tempered the fazade and promotes the functional side of the structure

The walls are no longer planned as load bearing but only as decorative panels devised mainly to protect dwellers from the elements

The Villa Savoye captures the essence of the movement because of its abject simplicity and is considered by many as the climax of Le

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