Leadership Competencies

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Paper Topic: Leadership Competencies Running head : LEADERSHOP COMPETENCIES Leadership Competencies Yelena Moysik Brooklyn College Abstract This research is intended to explore the various leadership competencies that have been researched upon and found sound and working in the field of leadership

The weight of each leadership competency model gives the extent of challenge in the development of the respective leadership competency Introduction Diverse organizations exhibit diverse processes as well as cultures and therefore there is a failure of readily prepared tools as well as processes aimed to provide ownership to the participants

The different cultures , climates as well as nuisances always found in every organization require involvement of all individuals to participate in development as well as implementation of new process Extra-ordinary as well as demanding challenges are exposed to leaders in their capacity whether the leadership is at a personal or at an organization level

Time is of crucial importance in the process because the entire process of developing the leadership competence needs maturity Unlike other forms of research that assumes a scientific approach , this research adopts the mode of investigation based on personal intellectuality and collection of details and information on this particular subject

The research further tries to stress the significance of a systematic well-designed and planned system of acquiring and assimilating the sets of behavior leading to leadership competencies

According to this research , the assumption is that these behaviors leading to leadership competency are skills that can be learnt

The leader ‘s attitude and behaviour affects the motivation of the group The leader is responsible for seeing that the group ‘s objectives are clearly understood and are accomplished

The basic assumption towards leadership competencies are that nobody was born being a leader hence there exists no inherent leadership qualities in any one individual

The leader is the chief communicator to people outside the group as well as within the group

How the leader behaves influences employees ‘ satisfaction and affects the quality and quantity of output All leaders have three limiting factors to contend with

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