Leadership Styles

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Management of any task or organization usually means delivering the current needs successfully the leadership in management gives vision and direction and hence influences the present and future Leadership Style Leadership literature is mostly concerned with the style of leadership This is one of the methods to describe the attributes of leadership

Paper Topic: Leadership Styles LEADERSHIP STYLES Leadership Styles (Author ‘s Name (University Name Table of Contents TOC \o “1-3 ” \u 1

0 Introduction Definition of Leadership The term leadership is not one that can be easily defined , because of the varying degree of situations under which the term has been used Many scholars like Rost who had analyzed 221 definitions of leadership (Ciulla , 1998 , have come to this conclusion

Micromanaging is a type of autocratic leadership in which the upper management controls even the smallest tasks under taken by the subordinates (Strasler 2004 This style of leadership was prevalent in the industrial sector from the late 1800s to 1950s and was dogmatic

Hence , much of the literature concerned with leadership consists of leadership styles leadership models and leadership behaviors (Sousa , 2003

0 Autocratic Leadership This is also called formal or authoritarian type of leadership

The predominant types of leadership are autocratic , democratic and laissez-faire (Strasler 2004

There may however be many variations to these predominant styles

In this type of leadership , the leader tells employees how he wants the work done and what he wants employees to do without getting their views

A variation of autocratic leadership can be seen in the government offices , where rules regulations and ranks hold importance over the work actually done

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