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Paper Topic: Leagal Drinking Age-speech outline Legal Age Of Drinking Alcohol In the United States Should Be Lowered General Purpose : To persuade the viewers Specific Purpose : To persuade the viewers that the legal age of drinking alchol in the Unites States should be lowered from 21 to 18 Central Idea : Lowering the legal age of drinking alcohol in the United States will help decrease the number of minors getting into trouble INTRODUCTION Did you know that the United States tops the list when it comes to the age limit of drinking alcohol

I also believe that this would not only be beneficial to the country , but to the whole world as well Since a teenager becomes an adult when he reaches the age of 18 , then it is just but necessary to lower down the legal age of alcohol drinking As we all know , permission and drinking of alcoholic beverages is a

According to a recent survey that I have conducted in my class 90 of the students have responded that they have consumed alcohol prior the legal drinking age of 21 (Survey With these rules , a lot of minors , specifically teenagers raging from ages 14 – 19 , become more curious and try to do everything they can to get a hold of a small bottle of alcohol

These kids become more and more challenged into the possibility of getting themselves something prohibited of them at this particular age of their lives I , myself , have experienced the same dilemma when it comes to the drinking age of alcohol

As I was browsing through the channels of our television , I saw in one of those news channels that in most of the other countries , the minimum legal age for drinking is 18 while other countries may even have a lower minimum drinking age

From the recent survey that I have conducted , 40 said that they have used false ID in to obtain alcohol , 30 operated an automobile while under the influence of alcohol while still under the age limit , and 55 of them had been witnesses or have witnessed an accident by an underaged driver (Survey This can be very demeaning in terms of morality , and even honesty to their parents

This pleads to you , my dear viewers , to help me and convince those in authority to lower down the minimum age limit of drinking alcohol from the age of 21 to 18

Consequently , from the other parts of the world , the legal age for the sale and purchase of alcohol is 18 Regardless of sex , race , ethnicity , etc

Since this has been affecting all teenagers from all over the United States and all over the world , I have decided to share with you my thoughts and feelings about this matter

they become socially responsible for themselves once they reach that certain age in their lives

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