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My magazine collection boasted of cool stuffs ‘ for teenagers , and a wide resource for ideas on making friends , decorating my room , and overcoming a heartbreak , but when I attended English Composition II , it seemed like a sudden epiphany occurred to me , like a wise man or agent of truth started offering gifts of wisdom the day I started attending the course The agent of truth (my professor ) taught me how to read intelligently react logically to what I read , and express my idea in style

Indeed , by reading these two great works , I came to formulate my own views of the world which I have expressed in one way or another in our writing tasks in this course Aside from learning how to read intelligently , I also improved a lot in terms of writing

Specifically , the book I read titled Kite Runner by Hosseini gave me perspectives on how people – young and old alike – are affected in different ways by war

In addition , he made me exert effort to weigh ideas of other people whom I ignored before , whenever I dropped by a bookstore to grab my favorite teen mag

In the same way , the graphic novel Persepolis : The Story of a Childhood by Marjane Satrapi made me delve into the insights of a young Iranian girl who deviates from the traditions of her veiled nation (Naficy 2004

As a young student before , I got hooked up with watching TV and reading teen magazines that informed me of the latest trends in fashion , electronic gadgets , computers , and internet lingo

The soulful writing that Hosseini displays in this novel provides reminiscences of old friendships I myself had , and how historical events sometimes push people to believe and act the way they do

Paper Topic: Learning From Half to Full : An Assessment of My Linguistic Progress Linguistic progress can be measured by one ‘s reading and writing skills

As I step on to a higher level led by the agent of wisdom , I learned to value the power of language in my everyday speech and understanding of others ‘ point of view The readings that we had in class offered me a broader background of literature and social realities

Going to the library meant finding a textbook assigned or recommended by our teacher while surfing the Internet was more of a feed-your-curiosity pastime and not a chance to do an intelligent research

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