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It describes the research paradigms , the research approach , the process of gathering information and techniques in handling and analyzing them to come up with conclusions and recommendations that serve as direction for future research in the areas of human resources management and organizational development This study will work on the following questions in executing the research process and data gathering procedure a ) What are the current trends in learning organizations in the electronics and communications technology industry b ) What are the common strategies of organizations in learning how to learn c ) What benefits or significance do organizations get in learning how to learn d ) What recommendations can organizations give in enhancing their learning environment 1 Qualitative research A qualitative research design will be employed in this dissertation

Paper Topic: Learning organisation How an Organization Learns to Learn CHAPTER III METHODOLOGY This dissertation primarily concerns about how organizations learn how to learn

The objective of this approach is obtained using through gathering , interpreting and analyzing information and the use of the grounded theory

It recognizes the importance of the researchers viewpoint and assumes that individuals construct reality in the form of meanings and interpretations depending on their situation or other internal and external factors (Gall , Gall Borg 2003 Qualitative research encompasses interpersonal , social , cultural psychological , and mental dimensions of human beings since the researcher provides richer and wider-ranging of events observations or phenomena

It explores specific phenomenon to create a framework with the use of information gathered or analysis of individuals or objects through different and appropriate strategies to attain the researcher ‘s objectives (Morse 2002

1 Research Paradigms The interpretive paradigm underpins this study since it concerns individuals or actors to understand and interpret the world or diverse human

Qualitative approach in research aims to discover meanings and interpretations of people or objects in their natural setting

Since human resources are the basic assets of an organization , it is relatively important to examine them in to determine their possibility to continuously grow through continuously learning through their experiences

A learning organization empowers employees to act on the basis of knowledge and skills acquired from information assets

Qualitative approach is appropriate in a social science research because words are more relevant than statistical figure

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