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The one responsible for the injury suffered in a premises liability ‘ tort is the owner of the property Connecting this liability with the leg amputation injury , it can be validly argued that the proximate cause for the infection is the negligence of Soda Springs Pond

What we need to establish then is that 1 ) it knew of the existence of the condition that there is a danger of birds alighting on the waters of its premises which may cause danger to water skiers who are using its premises , 2 ) it did not correct the condition despite knowledge thereof and 3 ) the condition has already been in existence for a sufficient amount of time within which Soda Springs Pond could already have ample opportunity to correct the condition

The accident occurred while in the premises of Soda Springs Pond and because there was no warning signals posted within the premises cautioning skiers of possible alighting birds on the water

This is how we establish proximate cause As to how Soda Springs Pond can be said to be negligent for not posting warning signs , such is not so difficult to establish

This string of events shows that the proximate cause of your injury and the subsequent amputation you had to suffer is the negligence of Soda Springs Pond

If proximate cause is proven , then recovery under the above legal rule can be had ANALYSIS From the above discussion , you may recover from Soda Springs Pond for the leg amputation you suffered

The surgery of your leg was brought about by the injury you suffered while water skiing at Soda Springs Pond

The injury suffered was brought about by that accident when you hit a Pelican while water skiing at Soda Springs Pond

The absence of these warning signals shows a negligent attitude on the part of Soda Springs Pond in managing its property

Brite SUBJECT : Recovery for Leg Amputation APPLICABLE RULE of LAW Under our law , a person can recover from the owner of a property if he suffers injury in the premises of another person

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