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Paper Topic: Letter br Your Name Address 1 Address 2 December 17 , 2007 Academic Regulations Committee California State University Address 1 Address 2 Dear Sir / Madam I am writing this letter in to plead my request for permission to withdraw my enrollment from the subject BI 370 ‘ even though the withdrawal every intention of withdrawing from this class prior to the that was set for the regularly scheduled dropping of classes

Since I did not perform well enough in the BI 370 class , my grade this semester will fall below the scholarship requirement thus resulting in an automatic cancellation of my scholarship and in effect , my student visa As I have only 3 semesters left to go before I graduate from the university , I am sure that you will understand why I would not wish to pack up my belongings this late in the game and go home because m scholarship and visa were terminated simultaneously My inability to perform in this particular class was not something that I had planned

I was unable to drop the class at the time because of certain complications pertaining to my class enrollment , scholarship , and visa requirement as well As you probably already know , I am studying in the country on a scholarship that I won from the Embassy of Kuwait

After I failed to perform as well as expected during the midterm exam , I was advised to simply complete my attendance in the class , in to not violate the rules covering my SEVIS visa and then just withdraw from the class at the end of term

My scholarship has some very strict rules regarding the grade requirement for all the scholars

That is provided that the Academic Relations Committee legally recognizes and allows me to drop the course I would like to explain to you the importance of allowing me to drop this class

embassy subject to previously indicated enrollment requirements of the universities in the country Part of this requirement is that I must not fall below a 12 credit limit each semester

I was reminded of the full time student ruling when I first approached the International Office of the university and signified that I was thinking of dropping the aforementioned class

Being a scholar , I was granted a student visa by the U

00 GPA during any term will forfeit my scholarship

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