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Garrison was outspoken against slavery and had served time in prison for the libel of a slave trader Garrison helped Douglass to get on the lecture circuit after hearing him speak out against slavery

The aim of this is to examine some of those accommodations made toward these diverse subsets of society and how contemporary society perceives them today Douglass , an outspoken critic of slavery , was born a slave in the American South in 1817

On the death of Hugh Auld , Frederick was sent back to the plantation , where in 1833 he escaped his slavery and made his way to New York William Lloyd Garrison , a white newsman , befriended Bailey , who had changed his name to Frederick Douglass

A social construct is an object of institutional society or an object in that society which is built for the purpose of causing people to behave in a way prescribed by that society (Berger Luckman 1966 Society has often relegated some of its members to the status of second-class citizens for reasons that have never been clear

Such men as Douglass , along with white allies such as Garrison , were instrumental in bringing down the institution of slavery in this country and changing the social constructs built to accommodate that institution

It is telling , however , that even such liberals as Garrison had preset notions as to how blacks should behave and the two men broke friendship over the issue of whether Douglass , as a black man , though half white on his father ‘s side , could open a news (Sparticusschoolnet n d

Men like Frederick Douglass and women like Harriet Wilson , the Grimke sisters , Angelina and Sarah , Simone Beauvoir and Virginia Woolf have spoken out on what they perceived as injustice in the accommodation of diverse groups in this country

These are the social constructs by which a society operates in the day-to-day world

Society must have rules in to function but beneath these explicit rules and ordinances there is found a substrata of tacit rules which society does not necessarily spell out but are just as rigidly enforced

How it goes about this determines how a society is perceived

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