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Such thoughts are exclusively privy to the author himself and the readers are made to live inside their minds in to figure out the story Poe ‘s brush with a cholera outbreak and the experiences that he had to live through , gave the necessary and exact similitude in color and technique to the story

These works may be worthy of study in so far as we are able to plumb the life and mind of the authors alone , and definitely , less about the stories , if not at all References Glaspell , Susan

In both works , they were written the way any idea appears to live inside the mind of its authors

In addition , the story is inspired by the author ‘s own experience of an almost similar criminal trial about a wife killing her husband While in many ways both works contain specific allegorical references and concrete themes about death and stereotypes and an other-ing of gender roles , the writing styles had too much bombast , and the narratives were much too explicit which either left little to the imagination or created a turbidity of images and ideas

Peters seem to intuit each other ‘s thought and the thoughts of Mrs Wright

The story suffers from too many details , as if it begs the reader to understand what it is trying to convey

Likewise , in Glaspell ‘s short story , women are portrayed in stereotypes akin to those who are merely engaged in most trivial of matters

Paper Topic: literary analysis [Name] [Instructor] [Subject] [Date] [Literary Analysis] The Masque of the Red Death ‘ is vivid and clear in its telling , each scene carefully and painstakingly drawn forth for the reader

A Jury of Her Own Peers ‘ Short Stories for Students

Why do we know–what we know this minute (Glaspell 96 Hence , only these women knew the motives of Mrs

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