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Alexander sees it as a failed state and this is why he moves on with his idiotic plan that serves no purpose other than spawning Justification and Failure in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE – Page 2 a debacle and , in the end , an even worse Alex In Burgess ‘ A CLOCKWORK ORANGE , the government is not so much oppressive as it is a tool or conduit to the whims of factions of the right and the left who find the populace little more than heartbeats that get in the way of their plans

If one were given a choice as to what type of oppressive government one would like to live in clearly the Great Britain of the not so distant future as drawn in Anthony Burgess ‘ A CLOCKWORK ORANGE would be the IDEAL oppressive government to live in because it is such a dysfunctional oppressive government it can ‘t figure out the right way to effectively oppress people

Does the government oppress people In a way , the government does oppress people but not so much in the manner of a tolerated in a police state unless , of course , they served the state as is ironically pointed out when some of the droogs become police officers ) but it oppresses people in the form of its dysfunction

Alexander whose radical “safe ” reconditioning program designed to save thugs such as Alex from the government and the populace while also saving the government and the populace from Alex succeeds in simply making society even more dangerous as a whole The reason for this is that removing the organic (the ‘orange ) from a human and creating a mechanical man (no different from ‘a clock ) is patently ridiculous

That is to say , no one knows how to deal with people like Alex Granted , there are purposes that the political rulers have in mind to exploit n regards to Alex and those who are like him but of these purposes truly seek to address the actual problem at hand : dealing with a breakdown of law and

Paper Topic: Literature Justification and Failure in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE To what purpose does F

For those of the far right , the mayhem that Alex causes creates a need in the people for the law and mentality of the right

Then when one considers the fact that the oppressive government is barely able to muster more than slapping a repeated rapist thug on the wrist is hardly an oppressive government

Turning human beings into mentally re-engineered pacifists to protect them from an oppressive government is insane

Alexander serve when he seeks to recondition Alex

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