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Utopia is now being used to describe international communities which aim to achieve creating an ideal society , as well as perfect fictional societies found in films and portrayed in literature Coming up with the concept of Utopia however , leads to the question of whether or not it is possible to establish a society as such

Usually , dystopia doesn ‘t pretend to be nowhere near good , wherein it readily presents itself as something apart from a utopia society , while an anti-utopia seem to appear utopian or intended to be like it , but there has been a fatal flaw or a defining factor which has destroyed or mixed-up the intention for a utopian world or societal concept Of the three dys states , it was the greed and vanity as in Utopia which has most justified in its motives and methods

Paper Topic: Literature Literature Literature Dystopia is defined as a fictional society which opposes the utopian society

Societal debates have shown that there is too much people participation in a Utopian society which is too much for us now In a Utopian world , people are expected to strictly follow rules and regulations set up by a perfect government , theless exude fairness and equality with everyone else

A utopian society is characterized by and unity , of fairness and equality , and the absence of the materials that could induce or give leverage to some , thus affecting fairness in the process A dystopian or dys society is characterized by various negative traits and attributes which would counteract a utopian society , like poverty , violence , dis , dictatorship , and the presence of large amounts of pollution

We know that as Sir Thomas More intended to write about Utopia , he was thinking of a place where there is a perfect social , legal , and political system as well Utopia was deeply associated to an ideal society , where both the people and the government abide to what is stated in the law

Everything is set-up on perfect grounds , wherein both the government and the people living in a Utopian society are doing their jobs perfectly

There were no private ownerships being set in a Utopian society , where all the goods are being stored in warehouses and the people would just have to request for anything that they need

However , there is delineation between dystopia or a dys society , and anti-utopia

Agriculture is the most important task or job being given to the people in a Utopian society , where everyone is taught to till land and plant crops , thus teaching them to live in the countryside

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