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For instance , in the second stanza the image is of Tom , a little blonde boy who is crying because his head is being shaved In the third stanza , the readers will vividly get in their mind ‘s eye a picture of Tom sleeping and dreaming of his fellow chimneysweepers Images are important in poetry because they tell the story , not the words

Poems are like paintings in the sense that the words paint the pictures , and in turn the images evoke emotions to the readers Being a poem about children having hope in the midst of suffering , the tone of the poem is optimistic and light

Even though the poem starts with a pitiful story about the child-narrator ‘s early childhood , the later stanzas gets lighter and lighter , that the last stanza creates a hopeful , optimistic mood in the reader Barn Burning ‘ by William Faulkner In the short story Barn Burning , the decision of the young protagonist to tell Major de Spain that his father will burn the barn affected the whole outcome of the story

The use of rhymes in poetry is for musicality , and to make poems enjoyable to read With its straightforward way of narration , the image in this poem is pretty easy to understand

Paper Topic: literature The Chimney Sweeper ‘ by William Blake The poem starts with an introduction by the narrator , a child , who is talking about how he became a chimney sweep

Every stanza in the poem creates an image in the reader ‘s mind

The theme of the poem is clearly hope connected with the innocence of children Among the elements of poetry found in the poem are rhyme , imagery , and tone

For example , in the first stanza the first line ends in the word young , and the second stanza with the word tongue

The poem uses the rhyme pattern AABB CCDD and so forth

It is not easy for any person especially to a child , to choose between what is right and wrong especially when loyalty to family is in question Even in the opening paragraph of the story , Sarty is described as confused on which side to take – his father , his family , loyalty and blood , or the other , what is right and just

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