local policing;future of policing

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The other duties of the members of the police force include deterring and preventing criminal activities from occurring , the follow up on court by serving warrants , and observe any other actions the courts want to take

and in whatever form they are , they are mainly under the responsibility of local governments The first police department that started in Boston in 1838 was a far cry when compared to where the force is now simply because their acceptance by the communities they were serving then was at a very low ebb since there was a rampant corruption that riddled the force

Paper Topic: local policing;future of policing Running head : LOCAL POLICING Current and Future Policing Introduction There are three major components in the criminal justice system of the U

The main duty of the police force is to observe law and where the members actively engage in going after criminal activities and when they encounter those who commit crimes they will conduct investigation and refer their findings to the courts so that they will take the necessary steps

In reality , most of these efforts did not improve the popularity of the force in the communities it was serving and because of that , the main focus of the force had been dealing with felons and criminal activities

Wilson get the credit for professionalizing the force and for trying to stamp out corruption Some of the methods used to make the force effective was officers used to be rotated from one community to the other frequently so that they will not be vulnerable to corruption

That has changed eventually and the importance of the force got a boost after the police car , two-way radio , and telephone became in use enabling the force to respond for emergency calls faster

There had been numerous introductions to improve the relation of the force with the members of the communities it was serving and one of them was a diverse hiring practice

In the 1990s , the force had tried involving the communities it was working in into helping it do its job

They are also always at the frontline to respond to emergencies that are threat to the safety of the community they serve in

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