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Paper Topic: lunch and learn presentation Running Head : THE BUSINESS STRATEGY The Role of International Strategy and Organizational Design in Global Market [author] [instructor] [university] [subject] The Role of International Strategy and Organizational Design in Global Market The current trend of world economics business model lays on the world system division of labor between the core , the marginal , and the semi-marginal countries /states

budgeting and marketing ) because its ‘ function is recognized as the core of business planning but rather , we aim to rectify /improve the company ‘s /organization ‘s business performance by target shooting the errors and analyzing it within the context of the global market system (or the business environment ) and the capabilities (e

Co-integration of the two – traditional and strategic – would give a sense of direction to the company in the globally competitive market What would be an apt strategic management in the non-static global economic system

The traditional concept of consumerism and commoditization of goods is largely challenged hence , the business sectors /producers should construct an effective strategy and an efficient organizational design to cope up with the world economic trend and at the same , fulfill the organization /companies objectives and visionary goals The success , therefore , of an international company , lies on competitive action central to the combination of an effective strategic and traditional management

The strategic management for this is a six level schema (1 ) analysis of external factors (2 ) scrutinizing internal factors (3 ) stratagem (4 ) execution and (5 ) performance assessment /evaluation Arguably , the logic in analyzing the external factors lies in the structural level of social formation , but , we dispense this , in favor of the transnational concept – an approach that capitalizes on the importance of transnational practices in three major sectors , political economic , cultural with focus on transnational corporation influence and consumerism— that of which had been the latest trend in global capitalism

Critical to strategic management is the anticipation of changes in the economic system , in the demands of the consumers , new business technologies competition , and (global ) economic policy developments

The trading is not isolated ‘ or internal ‘ but rather it participates externally or in the global market and as such , this type of market is heavily affected by the dictates of the globalization trends

The presence of competitors and economic policies should not be undermined the parameters set by international laws may be restrictive but nevertheless , they are designed to facilitate a fair ‘ trading system competitors for a particular commodity should also be accounted since globalization is heavily mandated by the transnational corps

The system of economics and their flow and relations between these countries are non-static ‘ and non-constant ‘ over long and short periods of time due largely to political , environmental and cultural changes vis b vis the evolving idea of `consumerism ‘ in the global community

Also , the importance of technological improvements and their incorporation into the market is intangible in the analysis of external factors

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