Luther’s 95 Theses

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Paper Topic: Luther’s 95 Theses LUTHER ‘S 95 THESES Ever since man has mastered the art of writing , crucial events in history are aided by the written word

He has indeed his flaws but it can also be argued that the 95 Theses was not simply the byproduct of a fertile mind but it is also a result of the radical forces that are brewing in Medieval Europe The Roman Catholic Church during this time has become the most dominant form of Christianity

When Tetzel – a high-ranking official and representative of the Pope – arrived in Germany to sell indulgences Luther was boiling mad and so he wrote the 95 Theses and the rest is history 95 Theses It is easy to picture Luther agitated and looking for a fight

Luther ‘s 95 Theses galvanized into action all the suffering and hurting people under the despotic rule of the Roman Catholic clergy in medieval Europe

One example is the 95 Theses written by Martin Luther This will take a closer look at the historic document that started the Reformation

In short they became the talk of Germany Luther ‘s Ninety-Five theses encompassed a broad spectrum from the financial burden forced upon them by the Roman Catholic Church to the discussion about the soul , faith and salvation

In the West the Roman Catholic Church stands as the bulwark of Christendom but unfortunately power , wealth , and influence has corrupted the supposed to be humble representative of God ‘s kingdom on earth In this hallowed institution Luther is a member and not just a parishioner but a leader , a priest and a monk

He was startled to hear the clanging of the bell ‘ It is a fitting to Luther ‘s initial reaction He was surprised indeed that his 95 Theses has gone a long way from a simple document challenging scholars to debate into a set of ideas that galvanized Germany and then Europe into one of the most amazing revolution in the history of the world

If the pope does have the power to release anyone from purgatory , why in the name of love does he not abolish purgatory by letting everyone out Conclusion If Luther is alive today he would explain himself by borrowing a line from another reformer Karl Barth who said

But the 95 Theses was no revolutionary pamphlet or inflammatory newsletter encouraging the masses to start a popular uprising

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