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If everyone had the option of selling an extraneous kidney , the world would be more egalitarian as everyone would have the same potential at birth to make that money The problem with creating a legal market for organs lies in the sale of organs which a person does not have an extra of

If a person has an extra kidney and is willing to undergo the pain of the surgery to donate it in exchange for financial compensation , how is this any different than selling plasma The theory that this program would benefit the rich and hurt the poor is a fallacy based on the assumption that this would change the manner in which kidney transplant priority lists are developed

Morally , the question is less clear , but an argument can still be made for the sale of organs to be legal

There is also always a maximum amount of supply , so even once the current long-term demand is met , people will still develop forms of organ disease and the demand will continue

The best case scenario would be to make the hospital or organ banks responsible for the procurement of organs , not the individual recipient

Of course the option seems outlandish , but to those born into extreme poverty with no chance of escape might seek it , knowing then that they could leave the money to their family to improve life for the next generation (or brothers and sisters , etc ) Ultimately , the decision hat human body parts are commodities has already been reached through bargains such as the one in the reading and through the sale of eggs , sperm and plasma

The slippery slope of the argument is that in allowing the sale of one type of organ , it is hard to then prohibit the sale of others

And , honestly , the sale of organs posthumously by families might be a good thing

The only question now is how to best regulate the sale so that the results are fair to everyone

The question would then become whether I could choose to sell my own heart and lungs for transplant

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