`Mad about plaid` – managing organizational change (MBA course)

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However , it is well pointed out that Mary Crane does not feel threatened by British media – supposedly she sees that production line workers are of the lower working class whereas buyers of Castlebridge ‘s products of are of the wealthier class Besides , Ferguson debates , trade unions have been subdued during Thatcher ‘s time It ‘s true that no British manufacturing line can survive in their high cost market by maintaining production lines within the UK

The changes of fashion statements over the years and the paradigm expansion from just targeting the wealthier class to exposing brands to the middle class speaks volumes about what Castlebridge would have to go through in to maintain sales There is too much emphasis on luxury brands that are authentically English , but surviving in the ever-changing world of fashion is impossible of Castlebridge continues to perspire over brand positioning and its nuances towards the upper class alone

Conclusion Castlebridge owes their shareholders a fiduciary relationship where their interests are placed higher than those of other parties Strategically if a the production lines have to be outsourced offshore they should proceed with the outsourcing , exercising due care towards retrenched employees as well as the local community – this is to maintain Castlebridge ‘s reputation as a British company that cares about the locals

Reputational risks are at stake if Castlebridge blatantly sideline their local work force who has been diligently churning out classy British produce for the past 30 years Therefore , it is mandatory for Castlebridge to execute their plan in a tactful manner , full compensating valued employees while demonstrating the utmost responsibility towards their stakeholders

As with Seidman , she focuses on the human factor of this whole escapade – her major concern are the employees of Castlebridge Though she agrees that Crane is the ultimate forward-looking CEO who thrives from the betterment of the company , she has to consider those who have serviced Castlebridge over the years of providing for wealthy shoppers I agree with Corkindale to ultimately take steps to ensuring the welfare of future former employees

Brand identity as well as customer perception can be emphasised through marketing tools that are inevitably available for companies today It is imperative that Castlebridge remains a profit maximising corporation or else , any heritage or standard they pride themselves in in the first place , will cease to exist if costs begin to run higher than revenue lines

Not only is this vital for the company ‘s image , it also acts as an effective marketing tool , and in the long-run shareholders too will benefit from the exposure the company seeks through charitable causes PAGE PAGE 1

Sincerely caring for the welfare of retrenched workers is a laudable act – compensation schemes and references to new jobs is required to maintain Castlebridge ‘s integrity in the market Thirdly , brand positioning can be accommodated through marketing tactics

As for brand image , maintaining the class , thus the quality , is more important than running the risk of a complete closure and a shutdown of business I agree with Ferguson

Like Dana Thomas Seidman suggests that the company plans effectively and honestly to maintain an amicable relationship with all relevant parties Management ‘s role is more than just figure-oriented it also looks into the human aspect of a company , imposing beliefs of fiduciary relationships upon more than just their stakeholders

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