Management of Information systems

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The system should be reliable and provide quality service to the users and also able to be connected to other computers and its compatibility to use peripherals Network Topology A network topology is the way that computers are connected to each other as well as other kinds of peripherals

The extent of work underlying is also known , the issue of what kind of networking system is applicable is reduced to a specified direction which is the networking part Consideration of the network topology and the kind of architecture should be on the fore front

Also , we are going to see the most applicable network topology that will be more convenient to Bead Bar The conveniency of the topology and the drawbacks Background Before the incorporation of computers the company mostly used based system

This brings the idea of how much should be used in terms of cost compared to other kinds of topologies

Paper Topic: Management of Information systems Introduction This is a company that enables creative and innovative enterpriser to produce jewelry using commonly available materials such as the string beads and stones

The kind of network decided should provide security or privacy of information from both the outside world and the employees

In these were are going to see the importance of modern technology on Bead Bar company and the most applicable networking system

Mesh topology is the most appropriate for Bead Bar since there is no hub required

Since the organization has various branches all over the United States information exchange should be optimized and mesh makes it possible for the computers to be connected

The prices of the equipments and materials that are supposed to be used should be considered

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