Managing Homeland Security

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The government is planning to have a more security measurements to save lives and properties when emergencies exist With this regard , the Office of the Regional Director issued a memorandum that there is a need for this city for a profession whose purpose is to save lives and properties in disasters , and to manage the crisis that the city suffers In accordance with the city ordinance , I hereby present to you myself as the Emergency Management Coordinator , who have been selected by the Chief of the Regional Director , to implement the practices that are needed by our city to face the foreseen disaster caused by the worlwide dillema about wheather The Emergency Management Coordinator will be responsible for the measurements of securing the life of the city in danger

Paper Topic: Managing Homeland Security Managing Homeland Security DATE______ To Whom it may Concern For the past decades , our city has been facing a situation wherein the area is exposed with the environmental threats

I believe that municipalities can possibly handle the responsility for the homeland because it can mostly manage the community than the larger groups or governments and the lower groups or governments State government has a very wide responsibility

Municipality ‘s area of responsibility is enough to give attention on the problems of the community residing them , that ‘s why , in securing the homeland , the rules and regulations that the municipality implements could run among all of the people under it ‘s governance It is the most appropriate and convenient level of the government to manage the security of the homeland REFERENCES Kemp , Roger

Terrorism and threat of weapons of mass destruction , I think , will not make too much impact on my disaster planning because as I have said the police chief and the fire chief will he highly appreciated with their presence and performance , and to acknowledge them is to trust their participation to make the plans happen Through the help of my co-workers , rather team in managing the emergency management , I do not worry much of it because I believe , with the joined force and the unity of the people working with me , it will lessen the impact of the said threat

Because of the climate change caused by aggravating global warming , there are possibilities and tendencies that the city will face unwanted situations such as earthquakes , landslides , typhoons , or any disaster that could cause loss of properties and danger to economy Aside from this , the government , with the incorporation of the municipality , discovered in the geography that the city is under a br critical situation

al Introduction to Emergency Management Textbook , FEMA Higher Education Project Homeland Security : Home , Department , Arizona Collaborate on Secure Identification http /training

He /She will be expected to implement ways , gives s on how to act against climate change , sets rules and regulations in relation to the issue and will formaly put the matter into a big screen as the subject For the past years of the city suffering from different kinds of disaster , the Office of the Regional Director , in to address the situation that the city may face sooner or later , asks for the support of the community , as well as the municipality to work hand in hand towards a more secured and safe living in the city Thank you and we hope for further implementation of the said purposes God bless to our city Thank you __________________________ 2

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Department of Homeland Security (DHS ) and the state of Arizona in enhancing the security of state driver ‘s licenses is only one of the example actions of the U

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