Marketing Business 2 Business Case Study

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In the case of the supermarket chain distributors Natureview would have to distribute to a wide number of distributors whereas in the case of the natural foods chain , it has to distribute only to the few natural foods wholesalers

Because the natural foods chain has a larger number of levels in its distribution structure (five ) as opposed to the supermarket chain which has four levels , Natureview can afford to maintain fewer contact lines than would be the case in the supermarket chain industry

In this aspect as well , the natural foods chain has a competitive edge over the supermarket chain from Natureview ‘s point of view

Paper Topic: Marketing Business 2 Business Case Study However , intense competitive rivalry at a time when the company needs to boost revenues by a big margin is not the only problem that arises from the supermarket chain

These are costs that would be avoided if the company were to stick to the five-level distribution structure characteristic of the natural foods chain

This reduces costs The biggest pro in favor of the natural foods chain is that the consumers there are not price sensitive

So this should be the distribution channel of choice for Natureview in the way forward

These are costs that a small company like Natureview is well advised not to venture into

In reaching the 20 million revenue target , the company could

There is also the unfamiliar marketing territory the tricks of the trade in which the management cannot be expected to pick up overnight

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