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The Four Ps are decided and directed at the consumers on the basis of proper diagnosis of firm-market system arrived through the process of marketing research (Kotler , Philip , Marketing Management CONSUMER AND MARKETS Consumer behavior tells us as to why , how , what , when , where , and how often do consumers buy and consume different products and services Knowledge of consumer behavior is helpful to the marketer in understanding the needs of different consumer segments and developing appropriate marketing strategies for each

The need exists but these have to be converted into wants by a marketing strategy In a socially competitive society , people will , therefore , select from among those products , which give satisfaction or are needed more Therefore , when people decide to satisfy their needs and wants , in terms of marketing activities , exchange takes place MARKETING PLAN The company is manufacturing Medicated Soap especially for the children

F , Fundamentals of Modern Marketing THE MARKETING RESEARCH The marketing research consists in directing a proper marketing mix towards a target group of customers or market segment

These four basic elements are i ) Product ii ) Price iii ) Promotion , and iv ) Place Product stands for the goods or services offered by the organization Price refers to the money value that the customer has to pay

Marketing and Economic Development DATA SOURCES A great deal of data is regularly collected and disseminated by international bodies , International Labor Organization , World Bank International Monetary Fund , State , private research organizations , and trade associations

This involves considerations of the profit margin , the cost , the possibility of sales at different prices and the concept of the right price Promotion is the aspect of selling and advertising , or communicating the benefits of the product or service , to the target customers Physical distribution refers to the aspect of the channels of distribution through which the product has to move before it reaches the consumer

Paper Topic: Marketing Plan p MARKETING PLAN 2007 INTRODUCTION The fundamental concept which must be realized as being the basis of all marketing activities is the existence of human needs

A marketing man may thus devise a product or service aimed at satisfying a certain dormant need and thus provide satisfaction to the user

Consumers differ from one another in terms of their age , education , income , family life-cycle stage , personality and life style , and other personal characteristics which influence their buying behavior (Franked , Ernest G

This kind of data which has already been collected by another organization and not by the company is known as secondary data

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