Mars V.S. Jupiter

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Of the two , Phobos is larger In the late 17th century , by observing the motion of surface features it was discovered that the rotation period of Mars is a mere 37 minutes longer than that of Earth (Frey 167

Among all the other planets , Mars has more common characteristics with Earth The rotation and inclination of the red planet resembles that of Earth ‘s (Frey 167

However , compared to the Earth , Mars has more severe winters and summers , as was mentioned earlier The size of Mars presents a difficulty in terms of the observation of its surface details from Earth

This is because inner planets are determined by their similarities to planet Earth , in terms of density and size (Cameron 46

Among the four terrestrial planets , planets Earth and Mars are the only ones with satellites

The other planets included in this category are Mercury , Venus and Earth The planet Mars was named after the Roman god of war (Frey 166

Do they manifest any differences The nine planets are distinguished in two categories : the inner or terrestrial planets , and the outer or jovial planets (Cameron 46

A year later , Giovanni Schiaparelli released a map wherein names where given to the recognized bright and dark features ‘ which included straight linear features ‘ that both he and Secchi referred to as canali (Frey 167

Mars is an inner or terrestrial planet

However , Earth and Mars are set apart by certain compounds , since the latter contains lesser content of iron but a greater amount of lightweight materials

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