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They are only its possessors and they must hand it down to succeeding generations in an improved condition Karl Marx , Capital Those are the words of Marx affirming the need for each generation to live their environment in a sustainable way that can sustain the lives if generations upon , we are admonished not to live to destroy our days and prepare an uninhabitable place of other behind us but to main tin the sanity of living for the purpose of a safer future The nature of human actions today and before now has led to the state at which we way : days where retention of carbon dioxide in our ecosystem is causing a sustained increase in the atmospheric temperature

That is the reason we must take drastic action to salvage the future form the hands of impotent leaders who have no plans to save the world nor help the inhabitants

Those are the questions that linger on the heart of free thinker However , the ways and acts of Marx would be more than that

But government has been silent or better still non-chalant about the issue of global warming It would not be a surprise for Marx who would led a mass struggle for the radical change that that would led to the world and its leaders to the impending danger that bewitch our planet

Paper Topic: MARX MARX AND `AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH From the standpoint of higher economic forms of society , private ownership of the globe by single individual will appear quite absurd as private ownership of one man by another

We have embarked on immense industrialization that has contributed in gigantic ways to the current environmental degradation that cast spells on the beauty of the future

We can not sit down and fold our hands until the earth crashes to the power of `flames ‘ indeed no one knows how the world would end , whether by fire or by water

But it appears if nothing is done about the `feverish ‘ earth , then we are on our way to extinction That can not happen

We need to fight every battle to put an end to this sage , but it would take more than the current solitude of nothingness that fills our plans and policies

Kudos to the environmentalist ands scientists working daily to restore the sanity of our world before it goes into extinction sequel to heat

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