Masks in Contemporary Dance and Performance

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Paper Topic: Masks in Contemporary Dance and Performance Name University Course Tutor Date Mask in Contemporary Dance and Performance Mask dances have been handed down through history form generation to generation in various parts of the world

The use of mask like make up such as white face for a mime and a painted down face is also an aspect of employing masks in dance and performance The traditional and historical use of masks in dances

The indigenous people of Central and South America have also used masks for their ceremonies and rituals and sometimes a masked dancer may have other functions such as performing as a healer or shaman especially in Korean culture It has been hypothesized that wearing a mask has a physiological effect of causing new brain connections to form in the reptilian , limbic and neo-cortex parts of the brain ( HYPERLINK “http /www

The Dragon and Lion dancers also make use of giant masks and the descendants of Italian Commedia dell ‘Arte also make use of masks

The masked performer act as some sort of messenger between worlds for instance in Africa the masked dancers are an embodiment of ancestors , animals and gods

The use of masks for entertainment goes back several centuries they were used in Ancient Greece , Rome , and Ancient Egypt where they were a fundamental part of drama and comedy The Peking Opera of China has used masks for many years

Among these are the Mahakali Dance , Lakney Dance , Khyak Dance Kawan Dance and the Devi Daitya Sangram

org In Mexico , masks are used in various performances such as parades and also as a way of honoring the elderly in vigeitos ‘ dance

The mask-maker therefore provides reinforcement for the strength of the community , enhancing the community ‘s well being through connecting with its spirituality

For dance masks are used across cultures for purposes of hiding and revealing They hide the face , personality and character of the wearer but provide a revelation about the character of the person or being the dancer is representing ( HYPERLINK “http /www

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