Materials Handling/Packaging Field Research Report

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Some recent innovations in logistics include the use of personal computers , electronic data interchange (EDI , barcoding and scanning , advance ship notices (ASNs shipment and package tracking systems , satellite global positioning systems (GPS ) and geographic information systems (GIS , software agents Internet , web-based databases , data warehousing , decision support systems , electronic signature technology , wireless technology and enterprise resource planning (ERP ) systems (Gulati Garino , 2000 Production of retail goods is expected to increase and become computerized due to the diffusion of electronic data processing equipments and the availability of affordable computers for small retail store owners

Paper Topic: Materials Handling/Packaging Field Research Report Material Handling /Packaging The impact of technology in material handling and packaging In the latter period of 1950s , computer or technological application has become widespread in enhancing control , saving time , and reducing work force

Finally , mechanizing packaging included the application of technologies of all types like the use of boxes with products and labels for delivery (Cortada , 2004 Packaging technology has advanced a great deal in 1980s (Curtin , 1993 Packaging is has become part of a globally competitive products and they involve various technologies , infrastructures , and circumstances

Some food product packaging include high technology processing , irradiation , sterilization , and wrapping with light-weight plastics “smart ” refrigeration , and “active ” packaging like self-heating or -chilling , giving off light , and emitting sounds and other sensations (Imhoff , 2002 Today , logistics continues to advance in moving and positioning inventory throughout a supply chain

Materials handling is followed by mechanization of the production process which includes mechanization like turning , cutting , painting , moving , screwing bolting , and twisting parts or products through computers and robotic devices

Point-of-sale technology , the use of bar codes and scanning devices to save labor time in inventory control , computerized reing and markdown to reduce labor time , as well as electronic shopping , e-tailing , and e-commerce have become trends in the retail industry

It is considered as packaging-reducing technology for suppliers and manufactures since it helps them in deciding which products to produce as they are able to determine what are on demand

However , it is not clear whether it has reduced packaging activities since high quality packaging is

The mechanization trend started with mechanization and machine utilization from different manufacturing machines which lowered labor costs another trend included materials handling or inventory control which later called logistics

Modern packaging technologies have greatly extended the lives of perishable meats and sea food and it allowed high-acid drinks to be stored and transported

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