Math230 W7 Summary

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One more thing If we don ‘t use a tool doesn ‘t mean that it ‘s useless , There are many things that can be done with it but we don ‘t require it in everyday life so we just don ‘t use them Specifically looking at examples :- 1 ) Minister : one of his main job is campaigning

This all are determined using calculus 2 ) Kindergarten teacher : She has to look on child ‘s growth

He must also campaign in areas where there ‘s high probability of people turning up for his lecture and for voting When he becomes minister , he has to look for the development of the region

If she plots a graph of `how many people have understood versus time Definitely she would get a Gaussian curve

If we look at individual tools of mathematics they may fail to be useful

Paper Topic: Math230 W7 Summary Math has been developed to aid human understanding

Also it is sure that not everyone will understand all the things

How much percentage of people are present in which area

It ‘s not needed to spend a lot of time on them Teachers should concentrate more on average child

This can be decided by how many people would use it everyday

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