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On the other hand , Ilm Al-Jabr Wa ‘d Muqabalah can be translated to a phrase The Science of Reunion and Equations Afterwards , Al-Khwarizmi sold his book to the Roman Empire which significantly spread the use of the mathematical branch in different computational procedures

Paper Topic: Math230 W8 Summary Algebra Algebra is one of the main branches of Mathematics which provides simple tools on how to realize numerical values of unknown figures in an arithmetic equation

But even though it has been used for hundreds of years now , today ‘s generation do not really know who invented the subject In ancient times , the growing activities for trade were the most significant factor which leaded to the development of Algebra

This helped the next generations of mathematicians to develop other useful techniques by expanding the concepts involved in Algebra References McGruff

Upon figuring out a special calculation technique which can provide answers to unknown labels in arithmetic equations , he completed his book and named it Ilm Al-Jabr Wa ‘d Muqabalah

The Al-Jabr ‘ term means equation or equalizing ‘ when translated into the English language thus giving birth to the term Algebra (McGruff

Thus , he traveled to different locations especially to India to collect mathematical data and materials for his book

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Who Invented Algebra

However there is one person who can be identified as the most prominent character who introduced the subject to the world ‘s civilizations , the Arabic scholar named Al-Khwarizmi At the time of trading activities in the Arab world together with the Indian population up to the empires in Europe , the need to have a concept in calculations was deemed important

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