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Diet is an important factor , as well The hypotheses are formally stated as a ) A mother ‘s height determines her child ‘s height b ) Both parents ‘ heights determine their child ‘s height c ) Parents ‘ heights and diet as a dummy variable

In this case , it is a dichotomous nominally scaled independent variable coded as 1 ‘ for Drank Milk ‘ and 0 ‘ for Did not drink milk regularly The first bivariate regression suggests a strong relationship between the height of the mother and those of her children

9 of the height variation among children The results of the completed multiple regression (see table below ) show that dietary intake , exemplified by drinking milk , has the strongest bearing on attained height , followed by the height of the mother and then the father

Subsequently , I test three hypotheses about the relationship between the independent variables and height Descriptive Statistics The average heights for male and female subjects were 5 ’10 ‘ and 5 ‘5 respectively

Paper Topic: Mathmetics Attained Height : An Exploration of Selected Correlates Overview This will report on the calculations I made on the height data of 40 males and females , on one hand , and four independent variables on the other

504 (inch ) increase in the dependent variable , height The relationships with parental height are more straightforward : an increase of 1 inch in maternal height is associated with a 0

29 inch Setting aside the variance calculations for gender and milk consumption since both are dichotomous variables , we see that the computed standard errors indicate that the coefficients for both father ‘s and mother ‘s height vary by 0

Regression Analysis When mulling over the determinants of descendants ‘ attained height , it seems intuitively right to hypothesize that height is determined by that of both parents (provided that the variation between spouses is not too large

above as the more complete explanation of attained height With the exception of gender , which is to be expected , the three other independent variables have positive signs

32 inch improvement in the child ‘s adult height while the corresponding value for paternal height is not much different at 0

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