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Paper Topic: MEADIA STUDIES Running head : DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Definitely No Longer Desperate Desperate Housewives and Its Portrayal of the Modern Woman [name] [school] Definitely No Longer Desperate Desperate Housewives and Its Portrayal of the Modern Woman ABC Studios , Walt Disney ‘s main television studio , struck a gold mine when they allowed Marc Cherry to realize his concept for a television show that features four married women living in suburbia

Desperate Housewives even bagged the 2006 TP de Oro for Best Foreign Series and the Golden Nymph at the 2007 Monte-Carlo TV Festival (Internet Movie Database Inc ) Yes , Desperate Housewives is undeniably a television program of immense popularity and brilliance Every episode of this series gives us a glimpse into the lives of Bree Edie , Gabrielle , Lynette , and Susan – housewives residing in Wisteria Lane of fictional American town Fairview

As such , it now merits some scrutiny It is hard to pinpoint whether Desperate Housewives is a drama or a comedy show – it is at times full of the elements that typify a dramatic program : characters and settings are chillingly realistic and they interact with conflicts presented by their own personalities , others , or forces of nature

But often , the show will also burst into comedic relief and send out laughter coupled with aspects that define a comedy (such as plots and characters that are deeply rooted in middle-class America and that have the ability to invoke viewers ‘ sympathy

Admittedly a dark comic , Desperate Housewives will sometimes present storylines that are chilling and full of suspense

Desperate Housewives , which was initially rejected by HBO , CBS , NBC , Fox , Showtime , and Lifetime and exported to numerous countries including UK , Australia , South Africa Denmark , Ireland , and some parts of Asia (O ‘Hare , 2005 Pinto , 2005 has now become a household name

Yet even with the lack of a particular genre , one thing is certain about the show : it is a show that aims to typify how American women (or even women in general ) are nowadays

Some argue that Desperate Housewives is , despite the attempt to glorify women with

And after some debate on the show ‘s title (some ABC executives wanted to revert to less debatable names Wisteria Lane or The Secret Lives of Housewives Desperate Housewives premiered on 03 October 2004 to an audience of 21

3 million (Murtz , 2004 ) The show continues to hold an American viewership of almost the same number for four seasons now (with the number declining to a still strong 18 million , and also maintains a good hold of worldwide audience share at 115 to 119 million viewers (TVSA News Desk , 2007

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