Media in the Arab World

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Al-Jazeera effectively challenged the monopoly of western news networks like CNN and NBC on coverage about Middle East events , a change that most Arabs welcomed because accusations about western networks portraying them (Arabs ) in a bad light are numerous

Some of these s include politics , corruption terrorism , issues on gender and sexuality , religion and family values Previously , societal dictates make discussions about s like these only possible behind closed doors , never for the public audience Because of the strict censorship that Arab governments have of the media , it has been pretty hard to come up with or relate an accurate and objective of what ‘s happening in the Middle East but fortunately , the network Al-Jazeera changed all that So what are its impacts to the known world

People in the Middle East are as enthused now as we are when it comes to keeping up with all of the crucial happenings in the Middle East (El-Nawawy Mohammed , 2002 Their most popular program is called The Opposite Direction

The network has been fairly controversial in its choice of s and very unconventional as well which would explain why more Arabs and Westerners alike gravitate to it for information about the current state of the Middle East

Another fact that contributes to its growing popularity no doubt (Mohammed el-Nawawy , 2002 Aside from impacting Arabs in the Middle East , Al-Jazeera has also established quite a name in the western world

In the subsequent months , Al-Jazeera became the exclusive recipient of what came to be a series of bin Laden ‘s messages Al-Jazeera is characterized by its bold actions of bringing to the public issues that were previously considered sensitive or even taboo to be discussed on-air

Also Al-Jazeera encouraged a lot of Arabs to get involved with present issues regarding politics , security or even religion

Even within Middle East networks themselves as well as international ones , there is a recognition that Al-Jazeera

It first became popular when the network acquired a videotape containing Osama bin Laden ‘s message regarding the 9 /11 terrorist act

Because they are independent , the Qatari government imposes little , if at all restrictions on the network

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