Meditative Discipleship in the Teachings of Krishna, Gandhi, Patanjali, Goenka, Dalai Lama and Hanh

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It is the perfect state when one arrives at an experience wherein Krishna or God is in all the things of the universe In to attain this state of perfection , one must be a meditative disciple by being mindful of God at all times or by practice of any spiritual ritual or by simply doing the tasks at hand in the spirit of service for God Therefore , focus your mind on Me , and let your intellect dwell upon Me alone through meditation and contemplation

Paper Topic: Meditative Discipleship in the Teachings of Krishna, Gandhi, Patanjali, Goenka, Dalai Lama and Hanh Meditative Discipleship in the Teachings of Krishna , Gandhi , Patanjali Goenka , Dalai Lama and Hanh Krishna In the Bhagavad Gita , Krishna teaches the warrior Arjuna to lead a life that continuously and devotedly follows one ‘s dharma or duty not for the benefit of oneself but for the glory of God

But in all of these paths , one should always be mindful that the paths should be taken without selfish attachment Everything should be from , by and for God Gandhi Meditative discipleship comes in the form of ahimsa or non-violence in the teachings of Mohandas Gandhi

This means that when one says something or does something one must be mindful that he /she is just an instrument of the will of God and not the source of the action For Krishna , a meditative discipleship that Arjuna wants to take means following the path to Self-realization

or revenge ) or by the reward that one will receive by his /her actions Instead , in all of the things that one must do , he /she should always remember that one is being of service to God : Do your duty and dedicate all work to God in a spiritual frame of mind become free from ego , mental grief and the compulsion to satisfy all desires (Bhagavad Gita 3

8-10 Krishna advises here that there are a number of ways on how one can achieve Self-realization which for Krishna is the purpose of a meditative disciple

If you are unable to focus your mind steadily on Me , then long to attain Me by practice of any spiritual discipline such as a ritual , or deity worship that suits you

You shall attain perfection by doing your prescribed duty for Me — without attachment — just as an instrument to serve and Me (Bhagavad Gita 12

According to Krishna Self-realization is when one sees with divine eyes the true nature of things when one realizes the true form of Krishna or God in all of His magnificence and in all of His different forms and manifestations

If you are unable even to do any spiritual discipline , then be intent on performing your duty just for Me

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