Men Sana et Corpus Sanus – Vita Felix

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Generally , their personality is one of self sufficiency coupled with aloofness or withdrawal from busy business and school world that the average human being partakes in Thus , children who have extrovert personalities would find it uneasy tiring and boring spending hours alone in a secluded place studying music because his personality is fitted for parties , group dates and other group activities

The personality of the introverted child depicts a world of lengthy hours in privacy from the rat race of the real world outside his room

This is the personality that musical geniuses like Frank Sinatra , Bob Hope , Michael Jackson and the others have Zeroing on their personality , many of these musicians are introverts (Kemp Mills , 2002

Detailed exploration of the positive effects and the value of exposing the mind from a very young age to the following cultural stimuli to an individual ‘s life Music There has been a consensus that the musical potential of an individual to shine as a singer , a composer , a piano virtuoso , or a world famous violinist or a well -applauded orchestra conductor is not only due to auditory skills and musical precocity

7 They prefer to stay in one quiet place and sing , play the piano strum the guitar , fiddle the flute , write and listen to their new award -winning musical compositions and the like

The audiences ‘ approving smiles is more important than the money they are being paid to stand up on the stage and present their renditions of prior masters like Bach and Beethoven on the piano and other musical genres

Thus , there is an agreement in many quarters that creating and emoting musical masterpieces is grounded on an individual ‘s personality (Kemp Mills 2002

In addition , the boundaries of time and space will help create a feeling of safety or freedom to express what one feels thru the

He or she feels at ease alone as he conjures new ideas for his or her songs or perfects the musical rendition of a song that he or she will present on stage or in recording studios

This is normally the rule from the time they were introduced to music at childhood until they grow old

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